• Review of Gathering Edible Wild Plants.

    Our 1st (and only at this point) film, Gatheirng Edible Wild Plants by Nathan Carlos Rupley, has gotten very positive informal reviews from several top foraging/botany/rewilding authors, including Arthur Haines (Ancestral Plants Vol 1 and 2) and Thomas Elpel (Botany in a Day, Foraging the Mountain West, etc.). These reviews were great, but it was nice to find out that Rebecca Lerner (Dandelion Hunter) from FirstWays.com was going to do a more formal review. Here is the link. Gathering Review

  • Welcome!

    Introducing Mycorrhizal Films.


    Our 1st film is the much delayed, I mean highly anticipated, Gathering Edible Wild Plants in the Eastern Woodlands and Beyond.

    It should be sent out for duplication in the next couple weeks.

    In the meanwhile, enjoy a few of the plant profiles.


    Nathan Carlos Rupley